control your adorable face dammit!! ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)

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Another ship sunk today (18/4) in Flores, Indonesia with 100 crews in it. Earthquake in Mexico, the Sewol ferry tragedy in South Korea, the erruption of Sinabung in Indonesia, the missing plane MH370, the riots happened in several countries. Instead of #PrayForSouthKorea, #PrayForIndonesia or #PrayForMexico, we probably should #PrayForTheWorld instead. These whole things were so heartbreaking :(

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bts’ birthdays \ inspired by x

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I ship you with ______!


Bonus points for why.

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has anyone ever thought of this at all?

clueless youth ricky

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Could you at least try to not make it so obvious?

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Teen Top never stop in Guam ep 1


[6TOTSubs] 140402 Teen Top Arena Tour Boys Talk Part 1/2

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