RICKY @ Soul concert DVD capture
Baby don’t cry~ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


yoon jongshin: Fans of TeenTop…
yoon jongshin: I AM SO SORRY!!!

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It’s not even a horror drama
But it seems like the scariest drama
#EntertainUs #teentop #chunji


One gif per day until I see Teen Top ^^


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rule one: always post the rules
rule two: answer the questions the person tagged you ask then write eleven new ones
rule three: tag eleven people then link them in the post
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rule five: tell the person that tagged you when you’ve answered the questions.

I’m really sorry for the SUPER late post on this. LOL. Sorry Huiwen.

1. On a scale of 1 - 10 rate how dumb Chunji is 

 - I’d say 10.

2. What’s a song that is on your all-time favorite list

- Got7’s A

3. Would you rather receive derp selfies from Changjo or pictures of Minsoo’s dog

- Derp selfies of Choi Jonghyun

4. Can you tell Dong and Kan apart


5. Which one do you like more: Chunji’s nostrils or Niel’s lips lol

- Niel’s lips. ouo

6. Do you want to destroy Ricky’s sandcastle or build a sandcastle with L.Joe

- Build sandscastles with Joejoe~ I don’t wanna be mean to Ricky.

7. Do you like iguanas

- …. no

8. Do you know my name

- Yes Huiwen.

9. State an idol from another group (not Teen Top) that you are having an obsession with

- omg gurl. Don’t get me started. But I’d have to say AlphaBAT. ono

10. What’s your name

- goofball. ouo kukuku. lexis

11. Do you want to be my friend lul

- I’m already your friend. Whatchu talkin about

At first I wasn’t going to keep this going but eh. Here are my questions.

1. Who’s cuter, Teen Top’s Ricky or AlphaBAT’s E:psilon?

2. Which idol are you obsessed with right now?

3. Do you know AlphaBAT?

4. If your answer from the previous question is yes, who is it. If no then why not!! D:

5. Is it currently hot outside, because it is here.

6. What is your #2 favorite otp

7. Which fanbase do you currently put yourself into

8. If you had to introduce Teen Top to your friend, how would you do it

9. Out of your current bias’, who is the tallest

10. What favorite cover from Teen Top is your favorite

11. What time is it now.

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Music Core - “Teen Top”



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I wish I had the ‘wow’ effect on someone.
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